What is Proof-Of-Sensing (PoSe) Validation Protocol and what is its purpose?

The Proof-of-Sensing Validation Protocol enables wearable devices, smart devices, and IoT devices to be compatible with the Vyvo DDH platform and Ecosystem by combining software and hardware.

It validates data blocks produced by devices equipped with VSC-PoSe Encryption Chips or devices capable of compatible encryption standards.

Only devices enabled by this protocol can connect to Vyvo Smart Chain, DDH platform, and generate a reward of Vyvo Coin ($VSC).

The Proof-of-Sensing Validation Protocol provides a secure and safe reward system that addresses the challenges of data origin, validation, and consistency in the digital health-sharing economy.

It facilitates complex auditing processes and prevents the ecosystem from being violated by malicious actors who manipulate data.

It also provides a reliable validation tool for data distribution and monetization.

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