What is the Decentralized Health Data (DDH)?

The Decentralized Digital Health Platform (DDH) is an ecosystem built on Vyvo Smart Chain that has the ability to adapt and leverage emerging technologies to create new scenarios and opportunities in the field of Health and Wellness management.

This helps people make improvements in their individual states and fuels scientific research.

One of the main working concepts behind the Decentralized Digital Health Platform is to facilitate the integration of the benefits of modern technology with people.

We aim to do this by empowering users with access to their health data.

This is achieved by integrating devices capable of connecting to the Vyvo Smart Chain to provide benefits to users contributing to building the most diverse and resourceful health data resource with actionable user information. 

The Marketplace allows Data Buyers to access a variety of data categories, such as health and wellness data, environmental data (AQI and Pollutants), macronutrients, and nutritional data.

These data are anonymized and produced by all users wearing VSC-Compatible Wearable Devices.

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