What is the Hub Console, what are the different features of each Hub Console and why do I need it?

The Hub Console is a monthly subscription system that allows a Data-NFT to be connected to the inPersona dApp allowing the user to trace their mining, rewards and manage Invitation.

There are 3 levels that vary in price according to the features they provide.

Hub Console Version Personal Standard Pro
Number of Hubs N/A 2 2
Slots of Hub N/A 10 100
HealthFi Personale Enabled Enabled Enabled
HealthFi Connections N/A 15% 25%
SocialFi Connections N/A 10% 10%
HealthFi Community N/A 5% 10%
SocialFi Community N/A 3.5% 3.5%
Setup Fee* Free $99 $99
Monthly Fee Free $14.90 $24.90


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