What is the SocialHub Console, why do I need it and where do I find it?

The SocialHub Console is a subscription that gives access to two Hubs (Hub A and B) where you can add your connections and all $USDV and $VSC rewards.

Accessing SocialHub Console:

  1. Open inPersona.

  2. At the bottom, select the fourth symbol.

  3. Access the "HealthFi & SocialFi" section.

  4. Tap on the first tab to view the SocialHub console.

  5. Check the status and expiration date of the SocialHub Console.


Purchasing/Renewing SocialHub Console:

  1. Go to the inPersona shop.

  2. Select "Hub console" or if you're buying an NFT choose the Hub Console as an add-on.

  3. Click on "Buy now".

  4. Confirm your information.

  5. Agree to the terms and conditions.

  6. Proceed with your preferred payment method.

Please note:
  • The SocialHub Console is linked to the inPersona profile that activates it.
  • Each member can have only one SocialHub Console per profile.
  • The SocialHub Console is tied to the account and it is not transferable to another account or user.

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