What is an Invitation Code and how do I create or receive one?

To access inPersona or add new Connections to your Hubs, you must use an invitation code. However, Ex-Vyvo Customers do not need this code*.

There are two types of invitation codes:

  • Permanent Invite Code: An 8-digit alphanumeric sequence that remains valid indefinitely. For example, the code for Hub A is PCA00000, and for Hub B is PCB00000.
  • Disposable Invitation Code: A 13-digit alphanumeric sequence that can only be used once. For instance, the code for Hub A is ICA0000000000, and for Hub B is ICB0000000000.

To obtain an Invitation Code:

  • You can get one from an existing member of the inPersona community.
  • Alternatively, you can request one on the VSC Discord/Telegram channels.

To create a disposable invitation code in the inPersona DApp:

1. Navigate to the HealthFi & SocialFi section and select the Hubs section.


2. Choose the Hub where you wish to add a connection and click on the "+" icon. Then select "Request Invitation code" to generate a new code.


3. Once generated, you can copy or share the code with your intended connection.


To view all the unused invitation codes you've created:

1. Open the DApp and click on the icon located on the top left-hand corner to access your Profile page.
2. Click on "Invitation Codes" to see the list of your codes.



Please note:

  • To be able to create an invitation code it is necessary to have a SocialHub Console subscription.
  • *If you're already registered on the vyvo.com platform, you can access inPersona by logging in with the same email used for Vyvo registration, bypassing the need for an Invitation Code.

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