What are the types of Promo Codes in inPersona and where do I find them?

InPersona offers Device Redemption Codes and Voucher Redemption Codes that you can find in your inPersona DApp, in the Vouchers & Promos section in the Profile area.

Device Redemption Codes are virtual unique codes for the HeloHealth.com shop that grant free or discounted products at checkout.

Please Note:

In case of multiple wearable devices added to the cart, only one item, where applicable, the higher priced item will be the recipient of the redeemed code.


Voucher Redemption Codes are virtual unique codes for the inPersona DApp shop that grants free or discounted products during checkout.

List of active Vouchers:

  • GFxxxxx (100% off Data-NFT Level 3+ Hub Console*) - valid until December 31st, 2023
  • L2Nxxxxx (100% off Data-NFT Level 2 + Hub Console*) - valid for a period of 6 months from the date of its creation.
  • GMCxxxxx (100USD off Hub Console)
  • HBxxxxxx (100 USD off Hub Console)

Please Note:

Using the Voucher Redemption Code for free NFT will not produce any Device Redemption Code.

* Each member can have only one Hub Console per profile.

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