How can I bind my device to a Data-NFT?

To bind your device to theinPersona DApp, you need to have at least one Data-NFT.

1. Open the DApp and Select the “Bind your device” button, located below your NFT details displayed on the homepage.


2. Enter your pin to unlock your wallet and confirm.


3. Select the Brand, and enter the MAC address and the UID of your device in the correct text boxes.


4. Hit “Bind” when you are ready. A message on the homepage will confirm the bond.


Please note:

  • You can only bind one device to a Data-NFT at any given time, but you can unbind your device from an NFT to use for another Data-NFT, or the Data-NFT with a different device.
  • Please make sure that you keep your device's native app updated. This will allow you to always successfully bind your IoT device with our inPersona DApp.

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