Navigation in the inPersona DApp.

  • Home: When opening the DApp you’ll land on the homepage, where you will be able to see your NFTs. On the top, you’ll see your available USDVs on the right side, and access to your profile page on the left. 

Right below the NFT display, you can find your Rewards details. You can go through your rewards history by clicking on “Yesterday”, on the right side of the screen, and selecting the time range you want to go through.

On the bottom are located four (4) icons for each section of the DApp.

  • Wallet: The second icon from the left, next to the home icon, is the wallet page. Click on it to go to the Wallet page. You’ll land on the Spending Wallet page, where you will be able to see your available Tokens: USDC (USD Coin), USDV (Vyvo USD) and BUSD (Finance-Peg BUSD Token). On the top of the page are located two (2) tabs: Spending and Wallet; just click on Wallet to swap pages. You can also swap the wallet pages by just sliding your finger on the screen horizontally. 

Here you’ll find all your active wallets and will be able to add or delete them, along with other actions like Send, Receive or Swap Tokens and the option to select your preferred chain.

  • DApp Browser: The third icon from the left, is the DApp browser icon. Click on it to go to the DApp browser page.

    Here you can check the browser history and visit the inPersona shop, by clicking on the link located at the top of the page.
  • HealthFi and SocialFi: the last icon, on the right, will take you to the HealthFi and SocialFi page, where you can manage your Hub Console.

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