How can I make a purchase on the inPersona shop?

To make a purchase from the inPersona shop, follow these steps:

1. Visit

2. Choose your preferred section:

data nft store section.png

Data NFT:

legacy nft store section.png


  • Data-NFT stake
  • Healthfi Data Mining Kit (Voucher only)
  • Inpersona Founders Pack (Voucher Only)
  • Data NFT Upgrade


3. Select your desired product, add any available add-ons, specify the quantity, and click "Buy now."



4. Review the details, update your information, add a shipping address, and apply a Voucher if you have one (by clicking on “Have a voucher?”, insert the code and clicking "Apply"). Then, click "Continue."

How to buy_2.png

5. Choose your payment method, verify the "Wallet Address" and blockchain details. Accept the terms & conditions, and click "Complete purchase".

How to buy_3.png

6. Provide your payment information to finalize the transaction.

Please note:

  • Some products are for redemption only.
  • SocialHub console add-on purchase available only for profiles without one already.
  • Only one Voucher can be used per transaction.
  • Payment methods may vary by country.
  • There is no limit on the quantity of products per user.

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