How do I add $USDV to my wallet?

Here are the general steps to add $USDV to your in-persona crypto wallet:

inPersona Wallet

1. Log into your inPersona dApp > Crypto Wallet > "Wallet" in the top right corner. If needed, choose your preferred "Chain" from the drop-down menu in the top left corner.

2. Select "Tokens" in the middle left side and find "$USDV" in the list of available cryptocurrencies and select it. A new page will open.


3. Click "Buy" in the new page. 


4. Here, you can choose again your preferred "Chain".

  • Enter the "Wallet Address" of the crypto wallet which will be the destination address for the purchased $USDV.
  • Choose the "Amount" of $USDV you wish to purchase.
  • Click on the "Buy" button at the bottom. A new page will open.

Please note: The dApp will show your Crypto Wallet address by default.


5. Enter your mobile number and click on the "Send Code" button at the bottom. A new page will open.


6. Enter the "One-time Password" sent to the mobile number provided via SMS. 


7. Check that all the transaction information is correct, then choose how to pay. You can select one of the saved payment methods and just add the card CVV/CVC or click on the side arrow and select "Add New Card".

Please note:

Remember to Verify your identity on

By clicking on the "Purchase details (i)" you can verify $USDV Rate updates, Fees and USDC wallet address 


8. Double-check the deposit address and withdrawal details before confirming the transaction then click on the "Confirm and Pay" button at the bottom.


9. Wait for the $USDV to appear in your inPersona wallet. The time it takes for the transaction to be confirmed and completed can vary depending on the blockchain network traffic and the exchange or platform processing the withdrawal.


Metamask Wallet

1. Log into Metamask Wallet.

2. Click on the drop-down "Networks" menu on the top right, choose Vyvo Smart Chain network and click the "Add network" button.

3. Select the "Assets" tab and click on the 'Import Tokens' link at the bottom of the page.


4. Insert the Token contact address of your choice in the "Token contact address" field (watch list below). Click on the 'Import Tokens' button located at the bottom of pop up page.


5. The tokens will be added to your wallet.


Here is the list of Token addresses you can chose from:

  • VSC (Vyvo Smart Chain)
    $USDV Contract: 0x9A5350EDf28c1f93bb36D6E94B5c425fDE8e222d
  • Polygon Network
    $USDV Contract: 0xA380c0B01aD15C8cf6b46890BdDab5F0868e87f3
    Desktop Only: Click here to be redirected to the page to add $VSC to your Metamask wallet.
  • Binance (Binance Smart Chain)
    $USDV Contract: 0x9A5350EDf28c1f93bb36D6E94B5c425fDE8e222d
    Desktop Only: Click here to be redirected to the page to add $VSC to your Metamask wallet.


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