What does the "Transfer to VyvoPay" button?

The "Transfer to VyvoPay" button is available in the Spending Wallet of the inPersona dApp.

It allows only users with a registered VyvoPay card to see their current VyvoPay balance and transfer $USDV funds to their VyvoPay.

Please note:

  • There is a fee of 1 $USDV for each operation.
  • The minimum amount to transfer is 10 $USDV.
  • Clicking on “Max” all the $USDV in your spending wallet will be transferred to VyvoPay.
  • The $USDV is converted to VYVO during the transfer (1 VYVO is pegged at 1 SGD).

For example: if 11 USDV is transferred, 10 USDV is converted to ~13 VYVO and deposited into the VyvoPay account.

The service is provided by Odee Digital Bank, a Money Transmission Licensed company in Canada and Europe.

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