What do the different ticket statuses mean when submitting a ticket to inPersona?

When submitting a ticket to inPersona Support, there are five different statuses that your ticket can be assigned.

Here's what each status means:

  • New: This means that we've received your ticket, and it's now waiting in our queue for an agent assignment.
  • Pending (Awaiting your reply): This status indicates that the assigned agent has reviewed your ticket, contacted you for more information, and is now awaiting your response. You must reply within 5 calendar days; otherwise, the ticket is automatically converted to Solved.
  • Open: When your response has been received, your ticket will be set to Open. At this stage, the support team will continue to work on your ticket, which may take some time to research all the details and engage other teams to arrive at the best possible solution.
  • Solved: Your reported issue has been fixed or answered, and your ticket has been marked as Solved. If your issue is not fixed, or you have any further questions, please reply as soon as possible, and the ticket will be set to Open again for additional troubleshooting. Please note that tickets set to Solved automatically convert to closed after 48 hours.
  • Closed: This status indicates that your issue is resolved, and the ticket requires no further action. If you still need help with the issue after your ticket is closed, you can create a follow-up ticket. After your ticket is set to either Solved or Closed, you should receive a survey requesting feedback.

By understanding the different ticket statuses, you can keep track of the progress of your support ticket and ensure that you're providing the necessary information and responses to receiving the best possible support from the inPersona Support team.

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