What is the Payable Amount, how is it calculated and where can I find it?

The Payable Amount is a term used to describe the amount of VSC or USDV on which final Rewards are calculated.

This calculation is based on the following formula:

Payable amount =(Total of Hub A + Total of Hub B)-|(Total of Hub A-Total of Hub B)|

“Total of Hub” represents the amount of either VSC or USDV collected in that Hub, depending on the Reward that you’re calculating.


To find the Payable Amount, you can access the inPersona DApp, then navigate to the HealthFI & SocialFi section, and finally select the Community section.

Please note:

To calculate the value of $VSC or $USDV assigned, the Payable Amount is multiplied by a coefficient specific to the Reward.

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