What is staking and how can I stake my $VSC?

Staking is the process of holding and locking up a cryptocurrency to support the network's operations and earn rewards.

1. Log in to InPersona DApp.

2. Find the wallet shape icon on the bottom bar and click on it. It will take you to the Wallets Area. Make sure you are in the Wallet area (find the tab on the top of the page).

3. Select Stake (You can either select VSC In your wallet and then click on Stake from the page that opens up).

how to stake_1.png

4. Select Stake again.

how to stake_2.png

5. Choose your desired staking period, and the amount you want to stake (By clicking on “Max” all the $VSC in your Wallet will be added to the field) and click Stake.

how to stake_3.png

Staking rewards can be claimed anytime during your staking period, regardless of your locking option.

Please note:

  • The staking option is available as long as the maximum cap of $VSC & staking has not been reached.
  • Make sure you always have enough VSC in your wallet for the Gas cost required at each operation. If the VSC balance in your wallet is not enough to cover the fees, the operation will be canceled.

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