What is a Data NFT Stake and what features does it offer?

It is a novel series of NFTs designed to enable Mining on VSC-compatible wearable devices. The Data NFT Stake comprises various levels, ranging from Basic to Level 4. Activation of these levels is accomplished by staking a specific amount of $VSC directly into the Data NFT Stake for 12 months.

Once the staked amount is removed, the NFT will revert to an inactive state. Therefore, to maintain the chosen NFT Level, it is necessary to have the relative amount of $VSC staked within the NFT.

To acquire a Data NFT Stake:

data nft stake_fees.png
  • Purchase it from the inPersona Shop for $35.
  • Choose the amount of $VSC to stake, which determines the corresponding level of the NFT.

The levels and their associated staking amounts are as follows:

data nft stake_basic.png

Basic: $15

data nft stake_level1.png

Level 1: $325

data nft stake_level2.png

Level 2: $1000

data nft stake_level3.png

Level 3: $2000

data nft stake_level4.png

Level 4: $3000


Upgrading from one level to another can be achieved either through the store and by staking additional $VSCs directly in the NFT page.*

The specific upgrade amounts are:

  • Basic to Level 1: $310
  • Level 1 to Level 2: $675
  • Level 2 to Level 3: $1000
  • Level 3 to Level 4: $1000

Please note:

  • There is a 12-month locking period for the staked funds from the activation or Upgrade of the Data NFT Stake.
  • *The only way to ensure the reception of the complete Rewards is exclusively through the store by selecting the Data NFT Level in the Data NFT - Stake/Upgrade menu, at the time of purchase or later. Staking additional $VSCs in the Data NFT Stake page for an upgrade does not guarantee the calculation of SocialFi Rewards.
  • The $USDV price of the Data NFT Stake listed in the InPersona shop is fixed, and it is the amount you pay. However, the corresponding $VSC price listed in the InPersona shop can fluctuate due to the ever-changing market value of $VSC. This means that at the end of the transaction, you may find that the amount of $VSC staked in the Data NFT Stake is either more or less than the amount listed in the InPersona shop. Please consider this potential variability when making your purchase, and ensure you review the final transaction details and $VSC market value before confirming your purchase.

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