What is a Data NFT Stake and what features does it offer?

It is a novel series of NFTs designed to enable Mining on VSC-compatible wearable devices. The Data NFT Stake comprises various levels, ranging from Basic to Level 4. Activation of these levels is accomplished by staking a specific amount of $VSC directly into the Data NFT Stake for 12 months.

To acquire a Data NFT Stake:

data nft stake_fees.png
  • Purchase it from the inPersona Shop for $35.
  • Choose the amount of $VSC to stake, which determines the corresponding level of the NFT.

The levels and their associated staking amounts are as follows:

data nft stake_basic.png

Basic: $15

data nft stake_level1.png

Level 1: $325

data nft stake_level2.png

Level 2: $1000

data nft stake_level3.png

Level 3: $2000

data nft stake_level4.png

Level 4: $3000


Upgrading from one level to another can be achieved either through the store and by staking additional $VSCs directly in the NFT page.*

The specific upgrade amounts are:

  • Basic to Level 1: $310
  • Level 1 to Level 2: $675
  • Level 2 to Level 3: $1000
  • Level 3 to Level 4: $1000

Please note:

  • There is a 12-month locking period for the staked funds from the activation of the Data NFT Stake.
  • *The only way to ensure the reception of the complete Rewards is exclusively through the store by selecting the Data NFT Level in the Data NFT - Stake/Upgrade menu, at the time of purchase or later. Staking additional $VSCs in the Data NFT Stake page for an upgrade does not guarantee the calculation of SocialFi Rewards.

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