How to Buy an NFT on inPersona PRO Using the "Purchase Data NFT" Option.

The Data NFT Stake (no level) purchased via the "Purchase Data NFT" button (exclusive of inPersona PRO app), located on the InPersona PRO app homepage, does not allow the application of the SocialFi Reward.

1. On the inPersona Pro App homepage, locate and click on the "Purchase Data NFT" button.


2. You will be prompted to authorize the payment using either your Fingerprint or password, utilizing your app store credentials and payment information.


3. The transaction will be automatically authorized, and your NFT will be available in the wallet's NFT section and in the App homepage.

Please note:

  • This purchase alone will not allow you to have a bindable/working Data NFT. You will need to upgrade your Data-NFT stake to benefit from all its services.

  • Staking additional $VSCs in the Data NFT Stake page for an upgrade does not guarantee the calculation of SocialFi Rewards.

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