How can I activate or upgrade a Data NFT Stake?

When acquiring a Data NFT Stake, without any stake/upgrade, it begins in an inactive state, requiring activation to a desired level by staking the corresponding amount of $VSC.

You can later choose to upgrade from your current level to a higher one by staking additional $VSCs until reaching the required amount for the chosen level.

SUGGESTED METHOD: By staking $VSCs on an existing Data NFT Stake through the store:

This is the only way to ensure the reception of the complete SocialFi Rewards.

1. Open the App > Store ( > Data NFT.


2. Select “I want to use one of my current Data-NFT stake”.

3. Select the Data NFT Stake you want to upgrade from the NFTs drop-down menu, the Level you wish to upgrade to and choose if you want to add or not a Device and a BioStrip. Once set all your conditions, click on the “Buy now” button.


4. Select your payment method, accept the Terms & Conditions and click the “Complete Purchase” button.


5. Wait for your order to switch from “Minting NFT” to “Completed”.


By staking $VSCs in the NFT:

Staking $VSCs in the Data NFT Stake page for an upgrade does not guarantee the calculation of SocialFi Rewards.

1. Open the App > Home > Select the Data NFT Stake you want to upgrade.


2. Click the “Stake & Upgrade” button.


3. Select the level and click the “Stake & Upgrade” button.*


The specific upgrade amounts are:

  • Basic to Level 1: $310
  • Level 1 to Level 2: $675
  • Level 2 to Level 3: $1000
  • Level 3 to Level 4: $1000

Please note:

  • *Ensure you have an adequate amount of $VSC and gas fees (in the native coin of the blockchain) available on the same blockchain as the NFT.
  • There is a 12-month locking period for the staked funds from the activation of the Data NFT Stake. Once the staked amount is removed, the NFT will revert to an inactive state. Therefore, to maintain the chosen NFT Level, it is necessary to have the relative amount of $VSC staked within the NFT.

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