How can I bind the Apple Watch to my Data-NFT?

It is possible to bind the Apple Watch to your Data-NFT only through inPersona PRO app. Both Data Owners NFT and Data-NFT Stake allow the binding with Apple Watch.

1. Open the App > select the Data NFT you want to bind > click “Bind your device”.


2. Enter your Pin.


3. Click on the Brand field and select “Apple Watch” > click “Connect to Apple Watch”.


4. Agree to activate all the requested features.

5. Once successfully bound, the status visible on your Data NFT will be displayed as “SYNC DATA”, along with the serial number of your device.


Please note:

Remember that the synchronisation of the health data collected by your Apple Watch with the inPersona PRO app must be done manually. Frequently click on the “SYNC DATA” button (located under the Data NFT in the Inpersona App homepage) during the day to ensure all your health data are correctly collected by InPersona App.

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