How to move $VSC/$USDV from one chain to another on inPersona/inPersona Pro?

To transfer $VSC/$USDV from one blockchain to another using the InPersona app, follow these clear steps:

  1. Open the InPersona app and navigate to the "Wallet" section.
  2. Choose the blockchain that currently holds the $VSC/$USDV you intend to transfer to a different chain.


3. In the "Spending" section, locate and click on the "Transfer" button.


4. Enter your PIN when prompted to do so.


5. Select the option to transfer $VSC/$USDV from your wallet to your spending account.

6. Choose the specific asset you wish to transfer, specify the amount, and then click on the "Send" button.


7. Once the transfer is completed, return to the "Wallet" section.

8. Now, select the new blockchain where you want to transfer your $VSC/$USDV.


9. Navigate back to the "Spending" section and click on "Transfer".

10. Choose the option to transfer from your spending account to your wallet.


11. The selected blockchain will now be the new destination. Choose the asset, specify the amount, and click on the "Send" button.


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