What is $VscX and what can I do with it?

$VSCx is a receipt token which is a tokenized representation of the stake of $VSC that is held by a user.

Here is how you can use $VSCx:

  • Redeeming $VSCx: after 24-month from the airdrop date, users can unlock the staked $VSCx back into $VSC, along with its staking rewards (+36%).
  • Transfer $VSCx liquid stake: you can transfer $VSCx to anyone at any point during the 24-month lock-in period.

Please Note:

  • To find the airdrop date, go to InPersona > Wallet > VSCX. In the VSCX transaction history, locate the specific airdrop transaction to check the date.
  • When transferring VSCX to another wallet, the airdrop's starting date remains the same, therefore, the 24-month count starts from the original airdrop date.
  • The transaction History is only visible on the VSCX page of the original owner. The new recipient's transaction history will not reflect any information about the transferred VSCX.

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