What is a Validation Node, how to activate it with the Node Vouchers and use it?

Node Validator NaaS vouchers are available at the inPersona shop, until quantities last.

The Validator Node is a native function of VCS blockchain network.

Normally setting up and running a node is a very complicated and time-consuming process so we introduced NaaS (Node as a Service) which means all those parts (Node setup, maintenance, updates etc) will be handled by Subhosting.

Users that want to be involved in the Validation process can purchase the service and just stake 400.000 $VSC and enjoy earning a yearly 44% APR.

To activate a node:

1. On the InPersona Shop> Profile >"Vouchers & Promos"copy the Node Voucher you intend to use.


2. Go to InPersona > Wallet > Nodes section and click the "+Activate node" button.


3. On the new page, choose the Node Location* and ensure that Wallet Address and Network match the ones set in your inPersona dApp. Paste the Node Voucher code you copied from the Vouchers & Promos section, agree with the terms and conditions, and click on "Activate Node".


4. The inactive node will appear in InPersona > Wallet > Nodes, click on it.


5. A new page will open with the message "Your node is inactive now. You need to stake 400,000 VSC to your node to activate it. You can stake VSC to your node from your active wallet", click on the "Stake & Activate"** button to stake the 400,000$VSC.


To check the information and claim rewards of an active node: 

1. On InPersona > Wallet > Nodes, click on the active node you wish to check.


2. A new page will open displaying the staking start date, staking deadline, staked amount, and a "Claim Rewards"*** button.


3. You can claim your reward at anytime, the transaction will require the pament of gas fee and the reward will be deposit in your wallet.

Please Note:

  • *Nodes are available in data centers across 3 continents, we are letting our members choose the location to have a more natural balance of the resources across the different data centers.
  • **You are required to stake 400,000 $VSC within the one-year validity period of the NaaS service.
  • ***You can claim your rewards at any time; the transaction will require the payment of a gas fee, and the reward will be deposited into your wallet.
  • You can claim your reward at any time; the transaction will require the payment of a gas fee.
  • The service started when the number of 1000 Validator Nodes purchased was reached.
  • To activate your Validator node service you need to deposit 400.000 $VSC for a minimum staking period of 12 months.
  • This service guarantees you an APR of 44% paid at the end of the staking period.
  • After the activation, the service will be active for one year. To reactivate it, you’ll need to purchase it again and re-stake the 400.000 $VSC.

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