What is Vyvo Coin ($VSC)?

Vyvo Coin ($VSC) is the native coin of the Vyvo Smart Chain. This coin is used to pay HealthFi inPersona rewards, and to purchase Data Credits ($USDV) to pay network fees within Vyvo Smart Chain’s Ecosystem.

$VSC's Maximum supply is capped at 2,010,165,805, and the DDH Platform burns all $VSC received as fees (decreasing supply).

Using a Net Emissions mechanism, we avoid "running out" of $VSC to reward users.

Vyvo Smart Chain monitors how much $VSC is burned in a given epoch and adds that amount to the minting schedule during that epoch - capped at 5%.

While Net Emissions can counteract the deflationary effect of Burn-and-Mint, the cap of 5% secures enough supply to reward users while also maintaining deflation.


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