What exactly happens, step by step, in phase 1 of mining?

Phase 1 - No VSC-PoSe Chip or Third-Party Vendors:

When a device generates Health Data, it’s stored in a central database without personal or sensitive information. It has no references to any user profile other than being linked to the owner’s Wallet and Data-NFT. A reward system designed to mint Vyvo Coin will distribute $VSC rewards to users based on the number of Data points created and regulated by a difficulty algorithm. This algorithm keeps the maximum supply and net emission of the Vyvo Coin stable throughout the epoch. The reward system assigns rewards to users from a pool of pre-minted Vyvo Coins.

For each specific Data Block (DB) segment produced by your device, a new block will be created on the Blockchain containing the data segment hash. This preserves the integrity of the data and protects against manipulation, tempering, or corruption. All data points stored on the DB contain the reference to the original Data-NFT to validate its origin, ownership rights, and authenticity.


Please note:

The HealthFI reward program will start once there will be a minimum of Data-NFT minted and devices connected to the platform. We expect to reach this number by the end of February, but we'll keep you updated if there are any delays.

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