What exactly happens, step by step, in phase 2 of mining?

Phase 2 - VSC-PoSe Chip Enabled:

When a device generates Health Data, the information is stored in a central database without any personal or sensitive information. It has no references to any user profile other than being linked to the owner’s Wallet and Data-NFT. The Data block produced by the sensors will be encrypted on the device hardware using a specially designed encryption chip—the VSC-PoSe.

The Encryption will be based on Elliptic Curve Cryptography (ECC) at 384bit. When the block is validated by the selected validation protocol, it is created on the blockchain, and the user will receive the Vyvo Coin reward. Part of the reward (15%) will go to the Consensus and validation group, which has consented to the mint of the new Vyvo Coin.

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